Rescue the princess - Find wise man - Hunt the maraudersHello this is rol-play event to envelop players in the fantasy world than on farming spots routine. Different monsters can be found around all world map , some of them walking on roads , others on any random place. they may ask you for help , query you complicated questions , look to the horizon while ignoring you , or kill everyone on his way. Reward for succes on this event is : Secret set . weapon + armor from nograde - D grade - C grade - even B grade.
Some princess of aden & elmoaden territory were kidnaped by trolls find them around map end with her captors:
Each year some wizards exit of the ivory tower to collect plants or creatures for his experiments if you find one of them he may try to challenge you to a question game

Extrange travelers were found walking around roads of the  kingdom , thieves and murderers: frauds of the worst kind if you see one marauder on your way try to kill him, exist a good reward for his heads

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Advertisement event - l2 classic c3


-Each 10 points you collect = 1 event token  (equals at 1 eur)

-If you collect total of 30 points you will get Secret reward



Event terms and procedure:


What i must do

-create forum account if you haven't it yet

-set real future character name on it . very important

-If you have not real main character name binded to forum account you can change: Here

-Advertise project and let a repply here with links and proofs were you advertised



You must advertise this project in all sites that you can to win points:

-Publication at Facebook or Twitter or VK . or any social network you are in = 2 points

-Like us on our Facebook page and VK and post there any positive comment with your character name. = 4 points


-Forums : 1 topic = 6 points . 1 repply = 2 points

-Youtube: 1 video = 10 points  1 comment = 1 point

-Blogs:  1 comment on l2 related blog = 1 point . 1 Entry to important blog = 15 points


Please do not advertise on black list were i currently advertised myself so avoid double post in forums







madboxpc - argentinawarez - Taringa - psicofxp - - 3dgames



Advertisement form:

Lineage 2 cronicle 3 server classic.

After many years working with old cronicles we updated now to c3 with a secure client that do not allow any hack or 3o party program.

Our goal is offer an old lineage 2 that you used to play in 2005 but with improvements that actually L2 scene offer us. We have unique features and retail and very clean server setup

Opening Date: 25 - 12 - 2014


Chat Box:


We use L2OFF platform with extended features like:

-Global party matching. Now this feature works in all L2world so find party its more easy.

-No dualbox server. Is not allowned and not posible but we did some custom to make game playable without it.
-Npc helper offer basic farming buffs
-Relax skill of warriors is improved so it regen Hp much more faster
-Mages regen mp more faster

-Premium System Players with premium status will enjoy more rates and no pk limitations plus colored nickname

-PvP Clan war. Reward System. Reward depend of level difference we have protection against tricks

-Global Drop system We can add item drop to all Raids , or all monsters
-Offline trade
-Item auction

-Global Chat + IRC mod (players ingame can chat with ones form website or even Phones)
-Ultra protocol technology Server support any kind of protocols

Normal features:

Rates: Exp X4 . SP X4 . Quests X8. Spoil X6 . Party X3

-All quest working Quest rates are improved
-Manor system
-Casttle . War
-Seveng sings and catacombs We will reduce the ammount of catacombs
-Official events like L2day , Medals
-A grade and C3 all skills working correctly
-Character balance system Those old cronicles needs little adjusts but with respect to original state
-Autosoulshot since client protocol is 555 we enjoy autoshoulshot feature

More info about this project:

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