Lineage2-classic community

Welcome to this strange place ! Where you can find cool servers from prelude to C3. Retail clients forget about Interlude or H5
Most of servers listed here are provided and managed by us.

We call ourselves classic but this is total different from what you could saw before on NCsoft , or any private project that copies ncsoft classic just because of recent interest most of them included new ncsoft team do not have interest or knowledge about old L2.

we have a long experience with low chronicles since 2011 with our first project prelude open beta server , and with the time we discovered many things about how it was exactly back in 2002/2006 and how Ncsoft wanted to make it thanks to our research on L2off files , players information , old website archive , and even direct talk with original Lineage II developers.

Features detail:

NPC helper:

You can find npc called "helper" located into all town temples :

1- Guide about server features usage
2- Change clas items shop
3- Teleport function ,to teleport to event places
4- Premium shop

5- Buff for farming to make game confortable if player do not find party. and avoid desire of dualbox from users. Buff time : 5 hours


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ROL event:

At all world map , you can find extrange characters :

1-Wiseman who will ask you complicated riddles and give chest rewards or buff you
2-Princess that request you for help to return home , or save them from her kidnappers
3-Travelers that marauder the roads , some of them may will try kill you , others just loosed their minds on their adventures , and talk to themselves

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Balance classes system:

We know that in old chronicles some classes are overpowered , others are just unusefull , and some seems like incompleted because of lack of skills that would define them and their role on term of pvp .
This happened because game was not fully developed yet. Some things they added like soulshots/spiritshots , cancel , sleep , anchor and other features were not fully debuged before their implementation.

We increased power of some weak classes , and added c4 + skills to "incompleted" ones , adjusted overpowered things and formulas, but allways on the line of what original L2 development were meant to be :
For example before add , or modify something we do a investigation work checking complains and data from 2004/2006 ncsoft forums , Lineage II changelog , and even direct talk with original Lineage II developers.

All Daggers

  • Can avoid arrows more efectively
  • Fake death improved
  • Swicht skill now works on players
  • Increased a little fatal blow rate
Tyrant + Gladiator
  • Increased power of focus energy based skills
All Knights (Paladin , Warlord , Dark avanger , Destroyer , Elven and Dark Elven knights)
  • Increased resistance to magic
  • Can deflect arrows more eficiently
  • Agresion to players
  • Adjusted rate of some curses [sleep . slow . silence . frost bolt . dryad root]
  • Cancel : will remove buffs between random balues based on m defend
  • Mages have a little less attack on pvp
  • Pets of summoners increased defence at pvp
  • Necromancer pets have a weak defense at pvp
New skills
  • Some new skills were added to incomplete , or weak classes check it at "full info"

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Proxy servers:

When you play online game , your network data travels trought many servers before arrive the target destination. Due that , and the network hardware limits thats why when more far away is the server you get a higher ping , or delay.

To reduce delay and ping we have proxies that will act like a direct bridge between your country , and server country. Thanks to our proxy technology when you connect to game , you can choose the Gateway with better ping to you , this is the same what WTFast does

-Lineage 2 server location : Europe (Germany)
-Proxy China (North)
-Proxy Vietnam


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Multi HTML:

Besides website , and game client languages , we have a multi html menu , where you can select the language of NPCs text :



Server news

Server Hard disk problems.30-10-2018

Hello, some weeks ago server hard disk crashed, so we will have to wait more to launch new server, since we will have to spend some time to restore everything to previous state.

You may thing is our fault for do not take measures to avoid this, but is a normal problem if we take into account that our c3 server have more than 4 years of life not any l2 server stand so much time, and today hardware isn't so good as old one.

That's why we have setup a new SAI unit, new enterprise hard disks on raid 50 config, external backup device, cloud storage, and automatically backup process every week.

In order to back to normally we need to complete those steps:

-Restore website to previous state.

-Configure Beta X16 server like before.
-Fix server client updater.

Note: If you were active player of Beta X16 and loosed character due rollback contact me at skype:madocter


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