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Run Run

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Posted 31 March 2015 - 11:25 PM

Run, run, run...

Out of breath and sweating.

Oh buggers, where's that haste pot?

Eyes wide open, he could feel the adrenaline burst higher, that's what he came for after all, wasn't it? He grinned at the crimson sky. Yeah. He turned around and saw them, they would catch up on him as soon as he faltered, but he wasn't going to make it easy for them. He took a turn inside the woods, that'd slow them.

Something moved behind a tree on his right, a gigantic spider was running forward. Red. Oh buggers where am I? What have I done? He hesitated for a fraction of a second.

Think, think, think...

The spider was almost on him, and don't forget about them... Without a thought he ran straight towards the monster, he closed his eyes as he felt the sting on his left arm. I'm going to die. He kept running deeper in the woods, catching glowing eyes around him. The sound of dozens of nails tapping the floor pierced his ears.

Thump, thump, thump...

He could swear he heard laughter behind him. Well curse them, lets see who laughs when I... ouch! poison! Bloody spiders! Now where's that antidote...here, right, fine, breathe, calm down... Ahead of him the river flowed with the roar of battle, swimming would delay him but there was no other way. He jumped. He could count four spiders behind him, he would run out of health potions very soon. He reached the other shore and drank one. Keep running. He pulled himself into the woods again, staring behind him at the growing shapes of spiders as his eye caught the glow of a weapon. They're here! Then something went wrong. And something went 'fooosh'. He felt the absence of ground too late, he was falling.

Bound to be alone...always.

He opened his eyes, and instantly took another potion that most probably saved his life, for now... He stared upwards, the spiders were gone, he saw the others... they weren't moving, odd... He forced his lungs to breathe, maybe it was over after all, perhaps they had grown tired. No, there was something else, something very wrong. He turned around and felt his knees betray him. In front of him he saw a wide extension of mud, rocks and dozens, hundreds of spiders nesting peacefuly around him. He closed his eyes, smiling. It's over. He heard a sound behind him, they were coming down, carefully. They were scared, they wouldn't get too close, but that was close enough to kill him anyways. He sat down and leaned back with a grin, feeling the warmth of the last sunrays. Then his gaze roughened with determination. No. They're not having me. He stood up, it was a crazy idea, but hell he was going to try it.

Silent move. Everything went still, the air grew dense as he walked amongst the unaware spiders. Time was against him, he was as good as dead. He ignored the shouting behind him and reached the nearest rock, he climbed on it and, for the first time, examined his pursuers. They stared back, one of them waved, he remembered his face.

He allowed himself a snigger.

"Sorry friend,"he told him, "it was nothing personal, seems you'll have to catch me some other day."

He reached for a scroll of escape as he noticed the smile on their faces. Then heard the soft voice behind him.

"Sorry... friend," the tone froze his bones. "It is personal."

The wyvern wings flapped blowing wind through his hair, then came the light, then warmth that turned into hell, as he went down.

Through the blurr of death he saw a tall figure grab his bow triumphantly, and then came darkness.

The Lady stood up, waved at her comrades and spoke to the alliance.

"Red down," were her words. She was known not to be very talkative. "Everyone back to your duties, we're done here."
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