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20 agosto 2015 - 09:29

madocter i will like to play prelude :) i will fully support you with your project as i did before i can livestream and making rb videos on youtube to drag ppl in im to young (21) so i dident catch prelude to play  :P me and ather 4 friends will like to give it a try :P
im ok with c1 again :D but i want to play prelude too :P

In Topic: Project closed

16 agosto 2015 - 04:28

Well if you thinking to open again a server go with prelude or c1 this is a c1 video  i made for this server it has almost 30k views i can adve there if you want




In Topic: Kivel0f stream

08 mayo 2015 - 05:38

sup iwerthongs :3

im live


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07 mayo 2015 - 05:31

good fraps :P

In Topic: Kivel0f stream

06 mayo 2015 - 04:52