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Forum / Game Rules

Check Forum Use Guide
-Talk in english on L2prelude / General
-Not spam of other servers
-Not chat
-In brief Use it adequately...
*Troll, bad vocabulary, Gore Allowned

[*]No bug exploits. If you find a bug should tell to admin
  • Bots - Cheats
  • No third party programs (IG , OOG BOOTS)
  • We not allow use Bot to move support characters or controled farm.
  • Not Bot for farming (AFK or not)
  • No Bot to have advantage such radar , see enemy hp , etc
  • Not bot for move dualbox character (autofollow , autoheal , autobuff)
    #Broke this rule can result : Jail , Delevel , Permanent Ban.

    Dualbox Rules
  • Dualbox limit: X1 box . only to farm can not do any action in pvp
  • Dualboxed character can NOT heal or buff main character if a pvp start
  • Dualboxed character can NOT debuff enemy character
  • If you dualbox you asume that a pk can kill your main , and Box too.
  • Limit of buffers dualboxed is X1
    #Broke this rule can result. Ban for your Buffer character , Jail

    General Rules
    -Global chat: Must be on english. To general chat. No flame . No crying.
    -Not acose players * depending the gravity of case admin can take action
    -Malicious player accusation

    If want report any player post on report section or contact administration

-Players have off course the right to play!
-Players can not arge about GM decitions, or server setup.
-The Admin is allowed to do whatever he wants/needs to do without giving explanation to anybody.

-Custom: all custom or out of C1 stuff can be changed without warning
-Over-Rate: any stuff ingame that is over rated. this mean give many adena , or exp. can be inmediatly fixed / changed
-Chronicle 1: this is old chronicle sometimes we can't determine what is a feature , error of developers , or what is a Bug.
Example: Lure , C1 over skills / class : sleep , cancel , debuffs, archers , daggers.
If needed any C1 Official stuff can be changed with proper Poll in forum and warning.

Broke any of that standards can result.
Permanent / temporal
-Forum Ban.
-Game account ban
-And other measures