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Project closed

11 August 2015 - 02:56 PM

Lineage 2 classic c3 will not be online again


I did reopening with the hope of relaunch server but old people stop playing and not many new people camed to the point that online ammount were 3 counting myself, also dont understand why it didnt worked so i cant solve a problem that i can't understand i did all steps needed to a sucess.  Also i cant reopen again


Thanks for playing here


and thanks to people who voted no to wipe just to log their characters and stay offline at giran .


definetly offline trade function were not well used i guess is how old players give thanks me for the detail of do not wipe , by loging their chars and let them offline mode

About server reopening

13 July 2015 - 11:52 AM

Some information about my progress on reopening of c3:


-Rol event : http://lineage2-clas...?showtopic=2191
-All quest rates for A grade increased
-Retail events like: punkim , hearts , medals working
-Manor manager : decreased amount of items per croop
-New PvP event
-Advertisement ... in process

-New hat implementation 3kxS9tb.jpg




Lineage2c1.com problems we had is:

-Rates we setup more than x1 rates so players get to max level and quit . we must understand lower chronicle must have very low rates as it have less game content.
-Server : were unstable many crash , errors , stuck , community could not grow in such conditions.
-Security : walker oof (out of game) could be controlled but not IG (ingame) because do not exist any security module for protocol 485

I want open Many l2 projects :
-c0 project again (prelude chronicle) using c0 server files , and c0 client.
-C3 will be reopened without wipe.
-C1 v2.0 this will use 657 client moded to look C1 over C4 server base. (i know is not retail but the only way to go based on my previous experience with C1 serverbase + elhaym , and comparing to official clasic v.1 the chronicle jump is much less)
-C5 ??? who knows :)


Rescue the princess - Find wise man - Hunt the marauders

12 July 2015 - 03:45 PM

Hello this is rol-play event to envelop players in the fantasy world than on farming spots routine. Different monsters can be found around all world map , some of them walking on roads , others on any random place. they may ask you for help , query you complicated questions , look to the horizon while ignoring you , or kill everyone on his way. Reward for succes on this event is : Secret set . weapon + armor from nograde - D grade - C grade - even B grade.
Some princess of aden & elmoaden territory were kidnaped by trolls find them around map end with her captors:
Each year some wizards exit of the ivory tower to collect plants or creatures for his experiments if you find one of them he may try to challenge you to a question game

Extrange travelers were found walking around roads of the  kingdom , thieves and murderers: frauds of the worst kind if you see one marauder on your way try to kill him, exist a good reward for his heads

C3 relaunch

05 July 2015 - 01:51 PM

Hello we have almost 1 year of life current situation is that with the time and other problems online ammount of players is a little low.
Anyway people still show me a nice entusiams to playing here and encouraged me to continue this project .
Thats why im thinking about fix last stuff of change log , so server will be almost perfect and launch advertisement champaing
But besides low population i see some problems that i can't fix:
1 - Economy is crazy , some players did insane ammount of adena
2 - Weapons enchanted
3 - Even if i advertise people will join periodically but not at same time
So i propose
1 - Remove all Adena of game
2 - Make all weapons +4
3 - Close server during 2 weeks to relaunch it
4 - Lower premium benefits of adena and spoil
I know this can mean a sacrifice but wil be good to bring more players here , i count with your review guys , i know is thug but the best way to re-launch project without wipe.
PDT : i do not discard update to C5 in next years but that moment is far  : http://lineage2-clas...?showtopic=2185
What i must end before :
-Change manor manager rates to more low ones [crop_manufacture] = undone.
-See retail events = pending ...
-Increase drop of quest items :
Kail's Magic Coin - wishing potion - Stolen Dignity - fates-whisper = pending
-Increase spoil rate =  pending...
-Make web little version on domain : lineage2c3.com

Im around :) - some tools for lower ping

23 April 2015 - 11:22 PM

This work on your computer by optimization of internal Network protocol



Alternative to WTFast and battleping . seems more cheap



Test it :)




Sorry for not be ingame more time .

I will make last improvement to server and last bugfix after that server should be 100% fine.

Then new advertisement wave will come


Regards and thanks for playing here