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#10065 How to register new account. Problem

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 25 July 2015 - 01:43 PM

Hello im tuning last details . please standby :) . ETA = 40 mins
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#9979 C3 relaunch

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 05 July 2015 - 03:19 PM

once all subjects with status pending are fixed : http://lineage2-clas...?showtopic=1957


and if people agree . what about remove all mats , parts , recipes too ?

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#9977 C3 relaunch

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 05 July 2015 - 02:38 PM

We have newbye helper and npc helper doesnt give all buffs but enough to help solo players without mention clan hall buffs. One of this project scope is to have real supports.


if i have not opinion from players i will proceed

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#9975 C3 relaunch

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 05 July 2015 - 01:51 PM

Hello we have almost 1 year of life current situation is that with the time and other problems online ammount of players is a little low.
Anyway people still show me a nice entusiams to playing here and encouraged me to continue this project .
Thats why im thinking about fix last stuff of change log , so server will be almost perfect and launch advertisement champaing
But besides low population i see some problems that i can't fix:
1 - Economy is crazy , some players did insane ammount of adena
2 - Weapons enchanted
3 - Even if i advertise people will join periodically but not at same time
So i propose
1 - Remove all Adena of game
2 - Make all weapons +4
3 - Close server during 2 weeks to relaunch it
4 - Lower premium benefits of adena and spoil
I know this can mean a sacrifice but wil be good to bring more players here , i count with your review guys , i know is thug but the best way to re-launch project without wipe.
PDT : i do not discard update to C5 in next years but that moment is far  : http://lineage2-clas...?showtopic=2185
What i must end before :
-Change manor manager rates to more low ones [crop_manufacture] = undone.
-See retail events = pending ...
-Increase drop of quest items :
Kail's Magic Coin - wishing potion - Stolen Dignity - fates-whisper = pending
-Increase spoil rate =  pending...
-Make web little version on domain : lineage2c3.com
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#9647 Lost ant

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 23 March 2015 - 11:42 AM

EAch monster have its Artificial Intelligence code i saw it carefully and aparently from c0 to c4 do not freeze player. anyway i added it already.


Then there is other code "instant teleport in my territory" is not present too on AQ. i will add


No lure = no pain .


Please solve your problems killing each others ingame.

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#9638 Your photos

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 23 March 2015 - 12:42 AM


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#9597 How to Fix Seven Sings!!!!

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 16 March 2015 - 10:45 PM

Not specified delay betweent different dates.


also: //ssq cyclemode default 0  . that reset ssq to default values,,,

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#9531 Wine Error

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 01 March 2015 - 10:47 AM



-Put our last updater inside lineage 2 folder

-delete system

- run LineageII.exe . choose full update


Also turn off DEP if you have i dont know ... i never saw a mac computer




If you really want play here with all your heart ... there is old guide i have made about:


1) install secondary operating system with dual boot loging: so when you turn on screen can choose.

2) usage of VMware with XP system. is important enable D3D driver on it (also this is considered as external tool and punished with ban) but i will add you as exception

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#9507 Need help with downloading

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 18 February 2015 - 07:02 PM

I see... Thanks for report.


As i know mega.co is one of the best websites to host files because of its speed but can be problematic due the technology they use sometimes is hard download large files.  Try with chrome , or download mega extension for firefox . Anyway once im at home i'll check if i can download from mega sometimes files can being corrupted at remote server.


But if don't want head pain just download with torrent:



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#9449 You have no time left on your account...

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 12 January 2015 - 06:46 PM

Omg cheats never learn ......

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#9444 You have no time left on your account...

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 12 January 2015 - 01:15 AM

zenaj you used L2walker

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#9428 You have no time left on your account...

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 10 January 2015 - 01:00 PM

So im a lier ?


Look many people try cheat , and sometimes if i consider i unban them.


But ill explain reasons why i will not unban you:


1) you do not recognize that you cheated and say that im lier and ban you without reason


2) you allways harrashing people with your friends trolling them with "diededed" joke that i think is not even funny


3) i remember perfectly that you tryed laught at me. troll the admin , big error.



so goodbye one idiot less


BTW already sent you PM with more details about what you did

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#9423 You have no time left on your account...

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 10 January 2015 - 01:20 AM

did you cheatededed ?  :trollface:

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#9402 Quest Lists

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 08 January 2015 - 03:00 PM

Hello The idea is make here list of all interesting quest of server. After quest list is more or less completed administration will start to improve quest item drop rate. please comment here any good quest that you found. or quest that you think that can have a better reward


Ingame quest list:

go to any adventurer manager and ask him about quest


Web quest list

C3 quest list out of game:


Adena Flood - Big Adena
-Level 15 Grim collector - Gludio - Guard Curtis
*Adena Flood
Custom: Reward will be doubled probably (not yet) . and drop is not retail
Guide: http://l2.eogamer.co.../Grim_Collector

-Level 21 Vanquish Remmants - Gludin - Leopold
Guide: http://l2.eogamer.co...nquish_Remnants
*will give extra adena by farming. and access to next quest: Hunt of black lion

-Level 25 Hunt of the black lion - Dion - Sophya
Guide: http://l2.eogamer.co..._the_Black_Lion
Custom: This quest have better reward than retail dont remember now so some player tell me.

-Level 27 Acts of Evil Gludin - Guard Alvah
*You will get like 400k adena and good Exp
Guide: http://l2.eogamer.co...ki/Acts_of_Evil

-Level 35 Song of the Hunter - Hunter village - Guild Member Grey
Guide: http://l2.eogamer.co...g_of_the_Hunter
* Easy monsters to kill reward almost good Adena

-Level 40 Relic Exploration - Giran - Black smith Kusto
*Reward is good Adena ammount. This is very interesting quest about investigate cruma.
Guide: http://l2.eogamer.co...lic_Exploration

Items Weapons - Armors
-Level 18 Red eye invaders - Gludin - Guard Babenco .
*Will give you some crap D armors and enchants very slow quest (maybe this quest will be moded)
Guide http://l2.eogamer.co...d-Eyed_Invaders
Custom: Pending...

-Level 25 Magnificent Feast - Dion - Warehouse Ranspo .
Guide: http://l2.eogamer.com/wiki/Grand_Feast
Custom Reward details:

-Level 40 A Game of Cards - Aden - Warehouse klump
Guide: http://l2.eogamer.co...A_Game_of_Cards
Custom: You need x10 red gems obtained from Raidboss 40+ to play. reward is enchants

-Level 40 No Mans Land -Oren -Warehouse Cliff .
* Very useful can give top C items include: Drake armor , samurai longsword , etc
Guide : <a data-ipb="nomediaparse" data-cke-saved-href="http://l2.eogamer.co...arehouse_Keeper" href="http://l2.eogamer.com/wiki/Warehouse_Keeper" s_pastime"="">http://l2.eogamer.com/wiki/Warehouse_Keeper's_Pastime

-Level 40 Coins of Magic - Hunters village - Warehouse Sorint
*Collect medals and you can get: demon gloves , some C armors and Weapons
Guide: http://l2wiki.com/Coins_of_Magic

-Level 30 The Whising potion - Ivory Tower ( 43 - 35 crosing the river) - Alchemist Matild
*Loving person:
1) Rupina apears give: Demon's Stocking Pattern, a Demon's Tunic Fabric, a Demon's Boots Fabric, a Demon's Gloves Fabric or a B-Grade Necklace of Blessing.
2) Level 40 Succubo of Seduction might appear. that reward you Forbidden Love Scroll. sell it to Torai in death pass for 1kk adena
*I wish for 100 million adena
1) Nothing hapend talk to matild and get 10k adena
2) Aggressive lvl 50 Grima will spawn. They will give: nothing / 900k / 100kk / Gold bar that you sell to Captain Alex in floran.
*I wish to be a king!
1) Alexandro Sanches = Demon's Set parts
2) Bonaparterius = Demon's Set parts / Spawn : Ramsebalius = Demon's Set parts / Spawn: Great Demon King = Demon gloves,boots,tunic And Exp
*I wish to be the wisest person in the world
1) Spellbooks / Amulet Pa'agrio's Heart
2) Spawn : Wisom Chest = Random spellbooks + Amulet pa'agrio's heart + Musical Score
Guide: http://l2.eogamer.co..._Wishing_Potion

General Quests
Starting Places Final quest (Dungeon)
*Reward is good adena and exp for all.
*Also you should do all starting location quests. best zones is Dark , and Light elvens village.
-Dark Elfs - Dangerous Seduction
Guide: http://l2.eogamer.co...erous_Seduction
-Elves of Light - Blood Fiend
Guide: http://l2.eogamer.com/wiki/Blood_Fiend
-Humans - Seed of Evil
Guide: http://l2.eogamer.co...ki/Seed_of_Evil

-Level 17 - 20 Subjugation of Lizardmen - Gludin - Guard Weisz's
*Reward is adena (you need kill one raid boss)
Guide: http://www.lineage-r...on-of-Lizardmen
Custom: Reward will be moded to be better than retail

-Level 25 Recover the farm land - Gludin Orcs barraks
*Reward exp or enchants need be checked

-Level 32 Black Swan - Giran harbor - Costa
*Adena + You can get hight materials like Crafted leather *warning quest not working*
Guide: http://l2.eogamer.com/wiki/Black_Swan

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#9363 Asin no se puede jugar.

Posted by Lineage2C1-Staff on 03 January 2015 - 11:39 PM

Dado que no tienen cojones a pekear gente de su rango de nivel. Acavo de eliminar la quest "black judge" para que se eliminen el contador de karma dado que no es de c3 y que no hacen un buen uso de la funcion de pk asesinando niveles bajos, perdereis un 6% de exp pero a la larga van a perder mas ellos


Un saludo

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