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26 August 2015 - 10:35 AM

Im considering all what you telling me , someone here ?

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20 August 2015 - 09:38 PM

Vote reward system is easy but not even a major priority . about c0 i need find "prelude live" client because prelude open beta client that i have is in korean

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18 August 2015 - 11:27 PM

Doing a good c1 will request me time , i will start working meanwhile i will let c3 online once the new computer i've purchased arrives.
Prelude project = posible there is stuff we must mention about prelude version and their features in brief:
Prelude all you wanted to know:
-Alpha beta  :  max level uknow . only warriors . not soulshot . game models such : villages , orcs , armors items total different design,  helmet and cloaks were visible : only played by a few coreans and exist 2 spaniards guys who have more information even access to server & game files (it cost as i know is 5.000 eurs)
-Open beta : Max level 75 (But game content really is designed up for level 50 this means there is not content yet for who get more level than 50 , so we can say real max level is 50) . soulshot (added only as a temporal help to in dungeons) but due "economyc system of game" ncsoft could not prevent that with the time players could mantain continuated usage of soulshots this unbalanced game making mages on dissadvantage since they could not use soulshot , so the need for spiritshots arrived and then blessed spiritshots. Max wear players could get is C (purchased for adena at luxury shops) .  The last village you can access is giran . There is not Second class
-Live : This prelude implements second class change and other features is more near to our old know c1
Other information:
Server files i have i believe they are "Prelude Open beta 2004" so even if i have prelude live client , second class skills are not full supported in this pack
Mention that haplex , l2walker , dualbox do not works on prelude :)
This is one of first version of lineage 2 which online support so many things may not working.
More information about prelude:
Oren village under development
Hunters village
Alpha beta
Alpha beta dion
Alpha beta orc

Wikipedia entry by me: https://es.wikipedia...ude_Closed_Beta

Enterview with one of original L2 developers includes talks about prelude : http://lineage2-clas...d=1&showentry=1
More screens at our gallery: http://lineage2-clas...lery&category=2
Our first project :)   http://l2prelude.ucoz.com/
Aparently some version of closed beta were shared at 2005 - 2007 period and cant be found currently
Alpha beta preview 1

Miguelitito testing prelude files

Prelude project 2011 (how this community started)

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14 August 2015 - 03:44 PM

Outlander and the others who gived positive comments thanks . is good to know that my work  were apreciated even if some people tried drop me shit here .


True that economy is totally broken thats why i suggested "clean adena from inventory of all players and setup to 1kk maximum" and "down enchant to +4" on every weapon of server.  (such actions only could take me write a few lines on a sql query)


So even if exist hight level players new people could face them . but this proposal were not listened aswell


I purchased a pc with 16 GB ram - ssd disk - 8 core cpu my home have 100 mb of optical fiver i guess i can mantain server online there. meanwhile other action is taken

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13 August 2015 - 12:10 AM

server c1 closed some years ago :) im sorry you could not enjoy such experience


thanks for your visit