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Tecnical support: Game do not start , Criticals , Lag , Other issues

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Posted 22 agosto 2013 - 09:33

Due many people post with problems i will open this topic as guide:

Tipical causes because of game do not install / execute correctly

1) Antivirus. sometimes it can warn about Lineage2 files during Download/Installation steps. even if antivirus remove only 1 file or just a little warning it will total corrupt download/install steps
2) Bad download. Game files corrupt so you need download again. this caused by bad internet connection or antivirus who fuck the download as mentiones adobe
3) Bad installation. most common error of users is install game and server patch in different routes

*Game and patch must be installed in same route default: C:/ Games / L2C1
*If antivirus Warn meanwhile Download/Install steps disable it and repeat process again
*Normally if game not installed well, incomplete , or corrupt will show you error that tell you " the game cant start because cant find xxxxx texture "

Uncommon Chases
Other causes of critical errors is not on client part , but yes on Sofware / hardware
I mean in your computer
-Graphic card
-Sound Target
-No drivers (or not updated ones)
-A PC totally fucked with toolbars and virus
-OS (operating system)

*Most commond is "UALAudioSubsystem" because of sound driver / sound card problem.
Solution here: http://forum.lineage...p?showtopic=340
*And "Negative delta time!" caused by CPU of 2 or more Cores AMD normally
Solution here: http://forum.lineage...p?showtopic=102
*Windows Vista , 7 , 8 can cause compatibily errors but solved via custom Core.dll so you do not need do anythink. but we count with others tools to who stil without run game on those OS
Aditional windows 7 Fix here: http://forum.lineage...hp?showforum=30

*Rememver have updated drivers of your PC and clean it of Virus can help.

-List of critical errors and causes: http://forum.pmfun.c...opic.php?t=8274
-Here some Fix for windows 7 and Xp. is the same that mentioned abode
Note: normally this game can be runed on Windows 7 , 8 , vista without compatibily issues.

Remote asistance
If you need remote management of your computer from part of staff you just need Teamwiever and send us a PM the ID and password:

I have LAG
The server is hosted on Germany. normally you should not have hight ping but if you live on far away continent Lag can appear. for that we count with tools that decrease ping around on 60% or even fix lag totally those are WTFAST , and BATTLEPING.
You can find in Start or Despokt / Lineage C1 / Game Tools. It come with crack and small guide. But i recommend look next link because have updated guide that show you best configuration:


*And close the emule motherfucker biggrin.gif
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