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13 August 2015 - 01:31 PM

I have to say that I'm saddened to see the servers go. I've been playing on and off on your different servers for years (even though I was not very active on the forums, or the servers at times)


Remembering all the vote threads and asking the player base what they wanted to do, while good intentioned was IMO ultimately what lead to the servers downfall. I loved that I could always come back here and play my characters when ever I wanted to, but then there were a few wipes, reopenings, changes in chronicles, etc. It lost that consistency and longevity that was the reason I played here. While those changes may have boosted populations for a moment and gone with what the forum votes were asking for; it defenitely made players like myself who played here casually with friends, feel like we could loose our time and effort any time the player count decreased. It lost that which made it truly special.


I really wish things had worked out better for these servers. I do truly appreciate all of the hard work you've put into this place, as I have many good memories here and moments that I could not have experienced anywhere else since those original times in retail. I hope that someone/somewhere will make a true prelude/C1 server with 5x rates again. Mob trains, dropped gear, and actually feeling like my time, effort, friendships, fights and deaths mattered.


Thank you for the years of fun, sorry to see you go.